pirmdiena, 2012. gada 16. jūlijs

All new approach to strengthen the handlebar – unique design with built in aluminium plate

We like to surprise… We like to deliver new designs and solutions… We simply like to invent the market!
2012 collection enables also owners of other bikes than Fixie bikes to enjoy our products. We have delivered Kaya-Aluminium handlebar for old clamp size of 1.02 inch (26.0 mm) and Kaya-Oak-Steel handlebar for all standard mountain bikes and any other bikes with clamp size of 1.25 inch (31.8 mm). Check our listings in etsy.com!

But for all Fixie bikes owners we plan to go even further, introducing a concept of first in the market curved handlebars with built in stainless steel tube inside! The product is to come very soon.


Kaya-Oak-Steel handlebar

trešdiena, 2012. gada 11. jūlijs

Get your ride the hanger by Woodstick – the design that is the only one of its kind!

   With the help of you and inspired by your feedback we have moved yet another step forward. We offer a brand new Oak wood bike  hanger that is handmade by the best in class experts in woodworking and architecture. The texture is  made from the carefully selected highest quality Oak wood stub cross cut,  birch and Oak plates. It has unique design dimensions and shapes that you will  not find in any other offer across the globe. The product has its own special  character from all viewing angles that makes this product  simply special. The  product is available on Etsy and in retail shops. Enjoy your WOODSTICK!

The product is available for ordering in 4 different special tones and with enhanced natural grain:
1) cold black, 2) light graphite, 3) brown, 4) natural
See the samples below.